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Travel Health Insurance

When you sign up for a FlyAfricans tour, you are required to secure adequate travel insurance cover for the duration of your trip. This is important for a number of reasons, but the main reason it is compulsory for all of our guests is that no embassy will issue a travel visa if you can't prove that you have a travel insurance policy in place. Additionally, when you travel with FlyAfricans , your belongings and health care remain your own responsibility - we cannot provide cover in the event of theft or medical emergency while you travel abroad. As such, we require that you take out a policy to ensure peace of mind while you enjoy your coach travel adventure.

To receive a quote from our travel insurance arm, please visit INSURANCE (for all nationalities).

Travel insurance should be as much a part of your travel preparation as packing your camera, sunglasses and passport! Incidents happen… from flight and baggage delays to injuries and sickness. Can you afford to get medical treatment in a foreign country? Or what if you miss your flight due to reasons out of your control? Travel insurance gives you (and us) piece of mind, and, for this reason; we make it compulsory for all FlyAfricans passengers.

There are different types of travel insurance available and you should look at the options available to you when preparing for your trip. If you have a medical insurer, contact them about your current plan. You might already have coverage for international trips.